A study published by the Peruvian Studies Institute recognises the support of EUROsociAL in the definition of coordinated policies for eradicating poverty

Economists Carolina Trivelli and Jhonatan Clausen, have published a study that highlights the support of EUROsociAL in fostering the coordination of social policies to eradicate poverty in Peru

In particular, it mentions the support of the European Union's EUROsociAL Programme to improving the rural development strategy called Haku Wiñay (“My Farm Enterprise” in the language of the Andean Kichwa people) in Peru, designed and implemented by the Cooperation Fund for Social Development (FONCODES), a MIDIS programme.

Implementation of this strategy got underway in 2012 with a pilot project on a controlled scale (in the Vinchos and Chuschi districts in the department of Ayacucho).

Both the pilot project and the process of scaling up the strategy were supported, from late 2013 to late 2014, by EUROsociAL, through experts from the Latin American Centre for Rural Development (RIMISP). EUROsociAL's support consisted of coordinating the Haku Wiñay  strategy with the JUNTOS poverty-eradication programme, also implemented by MIDIS, to encourage the development of productive activities on the part of the beneficiary families, promoting their incorporation into the conditional transfer programme.

Some of the recommendations of the EUROsociAL experts are reflected in the published study: “While an attempt was made to use the Haku Wiñay strategy to complement the intervention of the JUNTOS conditional cash transfer programme, it was found that including members of the community who were in a better situation, or those with a family situation similar to that of the JUNTOS beneficiaries but without school-aged children, was beneficial for certain components. Including families with greater assets made it possible to generate learning spaces or to coordinate among producers to make connections with markets, attract suppliers of inputs, etc.”. (Adapted from: Carolina Trivelli & Jhonatan Clausen, From good social policies to policies coordinated to eradicate poverty: what do we need to start this transition? - Working Document No. 209, Institute for Peruvian Studies - IEP, 2015).