Peru and Paraguay: towards a Result-Oriented Budgeting model

EUROsociAL promotes an exchange visit and internship in Peru for civil servants from Paraguay's Directorate-General of Budget in order to learn about successful experiences with plan-budget linkage at the regional level

Within the framework of EUROsociAL II, financed by the European Union, an exchange visit and internship for civil servants from Paraguay's Directorate-Generate of Budget was held in Peru to learn about successful experiences in the advance of plan-budget linkage in the region.

Since 2011, Paraguay has been gradually implementing Result-Oriented Budgeting in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public spending. This budgeting model links resource allocation and utilisation to the management results of institutions by systematically using performance information, incorporating the functions of planning, budgeting and evaluation, as a way of improving public management.
Learning about Peru's experience in linking planning to the budget was of great interest to Paraguay in terms of continuing to advance in the implementation of Results-Oriented Budgeting.

The activity, which lasted two weeks, from 1st to 12th June 2015, was organised by Peru's Directorate-General of Public Budget (DGPP) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and coordinated by the IEF. The first week was held in the National School of Public Administration in Lima, and the second in the Directorate-General of Public Budget in Ayacucho. In Ayacucho the DGP officials from Paraguay visited the headquarters of the regional government and various regional institutions, such as the Regional Hospital of Ayacucho, and interviewed beneficiaries of the JUNTOS Programme. As a result of this activity, a Manual of Best Practices in Results-Oriented Budgeting was created.

This activity is part of the Budget-Plan Link action of the EUROsociAL Programme, financed by the European Union and coordinated by the FIIAPP, with the Spanish Institute for Tax Studies (IEF in its Spanish acronym) acting as an operational partner.