Equity in access to health services

This action aims to improve equity in access to health services in two of its components: human resources and medications.

The gaps in access to health services in Latin America especially effect the most vulnerable collectives (elderly, disabled, indigenous, women, migrants, children, etc.), and this is due in part to the lack of adequate training of professionals and its consequences on the planning and implementation of health policies (including the territorial distribution). The action aims to strengthen primary care models in health, with a family and community focus, as well as the policies for managing human resources, to improve quality and efficiency in the provision of services and to facilitate the expansion of coverage. 

In addition, the action aims to improve equity in access to medications by supporting rational use that has a direct impact on addressing current challenges: the availability, price, dose, effectiveness and quality of medications, and, in general, information. It aims in particular to have an impact on the low valuation of free medications, self-medication due to lack of access to health services, regulations, and information. 

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Primary heath care model: access and cuality, the challenges of the new primary health care model in Colombia

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