Costa Rica

Costa Rica participates very actively in EUROsociAL and is advancing towards tangible results in almost all thematic areas. The support of EUROsociAL for key policies in education, social and employment policies, finance, decentralisation and justice are particularly notable. The main advances are the following:

  • Implementation in secondary education of the "Education for Comprehensive Emotional Health and Sexuality".
  • Approval of a single model of management and administration for care centres in the national care network (RedCUDI).
  • Improvement of budgetary structures and programmes, including a methodology for determining the unit cost of products (public goods and services).
  • Creation of Accounting and Tax Support Centres (NAF) to support low-income legal persons and individuals (Brazilian model).
  • Incorporation of the territorial focus of the National Development Plan and implementation of awareness and political advocacy strategies for institutionalising a Regional and Cohesion Policy in Costa Rica.
  • Design of action (and coordination) protocols and training of judicial actors to improve access to justice. Target vulnerable group: persons with auditory and psycho-social disabilities.