Strengthening of Economic and Social Councils

Coordina FIIAPP

This line of action aims to foster a greater culture of consensus and concerted action between economic and social policy actors by supporting the institutional strengthening of Economic and Social Councils or similar bodies in Latin America. Through the exchange of experiences between equivalent institutions in the EU and LA, the goal is to contribute to improving their capacity to influence, autonomy and sustainability, technical and operative capacity, representativeness and transparency, and their legitimacy and social communication.
Thus, the aim is to facilitate the construction of joint solutions and to generate responses to the problems of social cohesion, thereby reducing conflict and encouraging greater participation in public policies on the part of organised civil society. 

At the regional level, work is being done to promote greater Euro-Latin American collaboration in the area of dialogue and consensus, and in the creation and strengthening of an ESC Network in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Highlighted experience: 

Honduran ESC. The Honduran ESC law:  the search for dialogue and consensus in times of crisis. 

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