Reform of tax systems

To achieve higher levels of social cohesion in Latin America, there is a need for sufficient resources to design and implement public policies for improving access to and the quality of public services. There is also a need for reflection on the structure of the tax systems required for progressive and redistributive systems with tax rates that allow governments to develop policies that meet the social welfare expectations of their citizens.

This action seeks to support reform processes in aspects that will make it possible to strengthen social cohesion by sharing a variety of European and Latin American practices that have yielded good results. This takes into consideration the experience of EUROsociAL I, the complementary nature of the diverse operational partners' inputs, both from the public finance area and other programme areas. It also seeks synergies with actions that are being undertaken in this field by other international donors to enhance and maximise the added value of the EUROsociAL II programme.

The action seeks to provide support in terms of:

  • Design and preparation of reforms that impact the tax structure and improve the efficiency and fairness of the tax system;
  • Construction of strategies that enable consensus-building, generate trust in the government institutions in charge of the reforms, and, ultimately, favour social acceptance of same.
  • The operational partner for this action is ADETEF, the agency for international technical cooperation of the French Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance, and it is acting in collaboration with the French Directorate-General of Public Finance (DGFiP).
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