National Professional Qualifications Systems

A National System of Professional Qualifications is urgently needed to manage youth employment in a more efficient, modern and successful way. To do this, some countries have decided to invest in the creation and/or improvement of catalogues of occupations for which both vocational training (formal and informal) and validation of occupational skills can be standardised. This requires explicit agreements with workers and business owners to establish sector-specific committees that can assume these challenges jointly. One of the issues being addressed within the framework of this action is how to align the training offering with market demand and better train young people (in terms of vocational training) to provide them with technical skills that facilitate integration into the labour market.

The action is intersectoral in nature (with the Education area), as it promotes the coordination and convergence of educational and employment policies. EUROsociAL is contributing to facilitating policy dialogue and to improving the technical capacity for initiating policies, programmes and mechanisms for the design, integration, management and quality of the different components of an NSPQ in some cases, and, in others, for streamlining or consolidating them.

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