Transparency and the fight against corruption

The objective of this line of action is to promote greater institutional and social collaboration in the prevention and detection of cases of corruption. Noteworthy for its intersectoral nature, this action is facilitating improvement in the coordination of stakeholders.

In this area, work is being done on the following fundamental axes:

  • Transparency and access to public information for improvement and implementation of guidelines, and promotion of citizens' right to information. In this area, there is collaboration with the Transparency and Information Access Network.
  • Strengthening of public-private cooperation in the fight against corruption, promoting the development of pro-ethics registries, regulations on the criminal responsibility of legal persons in cases of corruption.
  • Improvement of reporting mechanisms, institutional harmonisation and protection of whistleblowers.
  • Coordination between the institutions of the executive branch and the justice system in the investigation and punishment of corruption cases and economic-financial crimes.

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