Planning-budgeting link and evaluation

Governments today are going through a profound transformation in order to respond to the growing demands of a better-informed citizenry that demands public goods that meet quality, efficiency and effectiveness criteria, along with greater transparency and equity in the exercise of the public function.

In this scenario, Latin American government agencies are innovating in their management and applying a results-based management approach. This consists of providing an integrated and coordinated design for State interventions on the basis of results that benefit the population, and on establishing a clear and verifiable relationship between the expected results and the means for achieving them.

The planning-budgeting link is one of the main challenges in orienting management towards producing results. This link not only contributes to improving resource allocation through monitoring and assessment of public policies, it also makes it possible to coordinate the actions of different bodies and strengthen long-term government strategies.

This EUROsociAL line of action addresses the following areas:

  • Programme-based design and implementation of the budget with a results-oriented approach
  • Implementation of medium-term budgetary planning (multi-year budget) as a frame of reference for the annual budget and the public investment plan.
  • Implementation of effective systems of monitoring and assessment of efficiency and impact in the budgetary cycle.

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