Internal structure

To organise the complex institutional architecture of the Programme, the Consortium partners established the following spaces for coordination:

  • The Programming and Coordination Committee (PCC), comprised of the European and Latin American coordinating partners (APC-Colombia, ENAP-Brazil and SICA-Central America), is the programme's decision-making and general oversight body. It is the decision-making body responsible for programming and for general and sectoral coordination of EUROsociAL which oversees the interests of the programme as a whole.

  • A Steering Committee (SC) acts as an advisory body to guide and position the programme strategically. This is comprised of four representatives from the EC, three from international bodies (EU-LAC Foundation, ECLAC and the OECD Development Centre), three from the programme's executive consortium, and three individuals with recognised experience (Support Group).

  • The FIIAPP, through the Programming and Coordination Office, serves as the secretariat and supports both bodies. It assumes overall responsibility for coordination and management of the programme. The headquarters of this office is in the FIIAPP.