Inter-American Association of Public Defenders

The Inter-American Association of Public Defenders (AIDEF in its Spanish acronym) was created in 2013 for the purpose of establishing a permanent system of inter-agency coordination and cooperation for the Public Defenders Offices and the Associations of Public Defenders of the Americas and the Caribbean.

Within the framework of the EUROsociAL programme, the operational partners, the Spanish Law Society Foundation and the French JCI (Justice et Coopération Internationale), collaborated with Public Defenders Offices in the region to provide incarcerated people with true access to justice, thereby contributing to the consolidation of democracy and the rule of law. The aim is to promote the creation of public policies at the regional and national level that positively impact protection of the fundamental rights held by incarcerated persons. The support of EUROsociAL in the consolidation of a “Regional Guide to Public Defence and the Comprehensive Protection of Incarcerated Persons” should be noted.