Chile has been very active in what is referred to as South-South cooperation, sharing its experiences in areas of interest to other countries, which it has also supported with technical advising, particularly: the Chilean Council for Transparency advised Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and El Salvador; the Internal Revenue Service advised Uruguay to help it prepare its manual for assisting taxpayers; and the Ministry of Health participated in a workshop organised by Colombia to present its experience in "Equity and Intersectoral Participation Within the Framework of the National Health Strategy". 

In terms of the actions of the programme in this country, EUROsociAL is providing substantive support in social policies within the framework of the new reforms of the Chilean government: education, social protection, migration policy, job placement for women and youth, and childhood policies. In addition, it is continuing its collaboration with the Council for Transparency, the Ministry of Justice (adolescents and reintegration of incarcerated persons), and the Internal Revenue Service.