Citizen security

Latin America today is the most violent region in the world, with homicide rates unheard of in the rest of the world. The increase in violence and crime in all of their expressions is the main catalyst for the perception of insecurity in the life of Latin Americans. This citizen concern is generating political concern about confronting the problem rapidly and effectively. As this is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, the need to implement comprehensive strategies that affect the different factors involved in this phenomenon, not only individual ones but also, at the same time, family, social and cultural ones, is under consideration. Thus, the political agenda of social cohesion developed in recent years is becoming an excellent reference framework for citizen security policies.

In this sense, strong intervention in the area of violence prevention is essential for ensuring a proper balance with the repressive aspects of security policies, which are generally more developed. Proper and institutionalised organisation of the stakeholders in prevention policies is an essential element for guaranteeing their effectiveness and efficiency.

EUROsociAL is assisting in the implementation of public policies for violence prevention with a special emphasis on youth violence. The violence experienced by citizens in their daily life occurs mainly in local settings and, therefore, this problem must be addressed not only in a cross-cutting manner but also on a multi-level one (inter-governmental).

Operational Partners


  • Violence prevention
    Improve coordination of the relevant institutional stakeholders in the area of violence prevention, particularly at the local level.


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