Justice and Citizen Security

Justice and Security are considered essential for democratic governance. Either due to the volume of resources they mobilise or to the number of independent actions that comprise them in EUROsociAL. In both, the programme works on coordinating stakeholders, either between institutions within the justice sector or between these institutions and other State stakeholders. In the Justice area, action is centred on vulnerable persons, with the goal of removing barriers preventing access to justice. In the Citizen Security area, support is being provided for social prevention of violence, thereby addressing security problems from a perspective centred on the guarantee of fundamental rights and prevention. 

Working Areas

  • Citizen security
    Implementation of comprehensive strategies that address the different factors affecting violence and crime, with special emphasis on youth violence.
  • Justice
    This thematic area is at the centre of action aimed at vulnerable persons to help them overcome barriers in access to justice by strengthening the resources, mechanisms and capacities of justice institutions.