The support of EUROsociAL in Argentina stands out essentially in the Justice area and, on occasion, in the Public Finance and Decentralisation areas. This country has been very active in what is referred to as South-South cooperation, sharing its experiences in areas of interest to other countries, which it has also supported with technical advising. Argentina's collaborations with the following countries are particularly noteworthy: 

  • Ecuador, in the reform of its accelerated secondary school programme (General Unified Secondary Diploma in Science and Technology for Youth and Adults)
  • Colombia, in the creation of its system of employment offices.
  • Brazil, in the creation of "Houses of Rights" in slums (inspired by the Houses of Justice).
  • Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Honduras and Costa Rica in the development of a regional map of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) resources and publication of this on the joint online platform.
  • Nicaragua, in the national development of the regional investigation protocol for gender violence crimes
  • Various countries in mass control, taxpayer assistance, information exchange and transfer prices