The participation of Bolivia in EUROsociAL takes place mainly in the Public Finance area. The most noteworthy advances:  

  • Support to the National Tax Service (SIN in its Spanish acronym) in the creation of Accounting and Tax Support Centres (NAFs in their Spanish acronym) for assisting low-income legal persons and individuals (Brazilian model), and in the creation of a space for tax education games in their facilities. 
  • The National Tax Service for the strengthening of call centres, implementation of queue management and appointment-scheduling applications, and implementation of mass control tools. 

At the regional level, Bolivia participates in the Latin American Regional Development Network, led by Brazil and supported by EUROsociAL, ECLAC and the OECD Development Centre. 

Highlited experiences: 


Official Launch of the Tax Education Network

The event took place in La Paz and was attended by 27 experts from 14 Latin American and European Countries. Presidency of the Network was assumed by Brazil's Receita Federal, and the Permanent Secretariat by Mexico's Tax Administration Service