Honduras is one of the countries that most actively participates in the programme, specifically in six thematic areas (social policies, employment policies, public finance, social dialogue, regional development, and justice) and in nine lines of action, where some of the most noteworthy results in social cohesion are being achieved. 

The programme's support to some initiatives should be noted: 

  • Support to the State Secretariat of Social Development in the design of the public policy for the exercise of rights by and social inclusion of the disabled population.

  • Definition of a national policy for assistance to the elderly. 

  • Creation of a protocol that establishes a system of action guidelines to improve the response of the different institutions involved (judicial, law enforcement, tax, health, social and educational areas).

  • Creation of a non-formal justice centre for women victims of gender-based violence.

  • Creation of a mixed commission between the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Finance for plan-budget linking.