Action principles

The second phase of EUROsociAL is guided by a series of principles aimed at making the experience exchanges it promotes become transformational learning experiences that materialise in action oriented towards bringing about a change in public policy which will eventually contribute to improving social cohesion.

  • Demand-driven: To support change processes already underway, assigned by the countries and which are relevant, in which EUROsociAL can contribute some added value through the exchange of experiences. In this sense, EUROsociAL does not place issues on the agenda or impose exogenous models but rather presents cases and transfers other policies which might serve as inspiration.
  • Strategic focus: The programme supports strategic policies within the government agendas of the countries of the region, attempting to avoid excessively administrative issues and isolated requests for technical assistance. 
  • Results-oriented: The programme pursues clear and precise results, necessarily linked to the expected results of the public policies it supports. For EUROsociAL, a result is any contribution to the reform of public policies, or the institutions that apply them, that can be measured and documented and which aims to improve social cohesion in Latin America. 
  • Regional dimension: To foster collective work between countries, the creation of common deliverables, and the establishment of practice communities or networks. Although public policy reform takes place at the national level, regional actions can inspire, fuel and drive these reforms, and here EUROsociAL provides its added value by joining regional initiatives or contributing to their launch.
  • Intersectoral: To promote the interaction between different thematic areas by sometimes assuming the role of catalyst in coordinating stakeholders within countries. 
  • South-South and triangular cooperation:The programme fosters cooperation between the government agencies of the different Latin American countries by exploring paths of mutual learning and creating incentives for the establishment of stable networks and relationships between Latin American institutions.
  • Complementarity: To optimise resources by seeking partnerships with other initiatives already underway, of both bilateral and multilateral donors, and, especially of the European Commission. 

The EUROsociAL action principles are aligned with the agenda of aid quality and effectiveness, in addition to being a privileged instrument for policy dialogue in its most pragmatic sense: “Policy dialogue oriented towards action”.