EUROsociAL is supporting various significant reforms in Colombia in different thematic areas such as health, employment, public finance, democratic institutions, regional development and citizen security. Of these, the following are worth mentioning

  • Support for reform of the national pharmaceutical policy, working in the area of prescribing. 
  • Support for the establishment of a new national agency for employment services.
  • Strengthening of the implementation of the "Cer0 a Siempre" strategy through support to the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare. 
  • Support to the Directorate-General for the National Public Budget with activities oriented towards the reform and modernisation of the Colombian budget system. 
  • Support in the implementation of the Transparency and Right to Public Information Act.

The role of Colombia is also noteworthy in "triangular" cooperation policies in which Colombia has shared relevant experiences with other countries in the region. The following, among others, are worth mentioning: 

  • Metropolis management, with Bolivia.
  • The institutional model for transparency, with Paraguay.
  • Experience in the area of legal orientation for victims of gender violence, with Argentina and Honduras.
  • The national childcare system, with Costa Rica. 
  • The national system for monitoring health equity, with Uruguay and Peru. 

At the regional level, Colombia is a member of the Latin American Regional Development Network led by Brazil and supported by EUROsociAL, ECLAC and the OECD Development Centre.

  Relevant experiences: 


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Colombia es el primero de siete países de América Latina que se reúne con la Delegación de la Unión Europea en el país para hacer un balance de EUROsociAL