Imagen redesThe most noteworthy regional actions are taken in partnership with consolidated networks, or even emerging ones, but also outside formal networks. In any case, policy dialogue and collective learning is not only promoted through reflection and debate. This is also done by supporting progress in constructing common responses, such as common strategic reference frameworks for public policies at the regional level; adopting agreements, declarations or joint lines; creating protocols or other common deliverables. 

Some networks are natural allies of the programme and an intrinsic part of its activities, as in the case of the COMJIB, AIAMP, AIDEF, CIJ, OEI, CIAT and OLACEFS. Others are external networks supported and promoted by EUROsociAL, such as the Ibero-American Tax Policy Network, the Tax Education Network, the Latin American Regional Development Network, the Network of Public Defenders or the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Network. 

Many others are supported and/or led by the programme's strategic partners and members of the EUROsociAL Steering Committee, ECLAC, the OECD and the EU-LAC Foundation.