Mexico has been very active in what is referred to as South-South cooperation, sharing its experiences in areas of interest to other countries, which it has also supported with technical advising, particularly:

  • In the Public Finance area, it supported Chile in the preparation of a guide for teachers in higher education and, with Ecuador and Panama, in the area of international taxation. 
  • In Democratic Institutions, with Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru and Colombia, in the area of regulation of the right of access to public information through the IFAI, within the framework of the Transparency and Public Access to Information Network (RTA) supported by EUROsociAL. 
  • In Education, with Ecuador and Uruguay.
  • In Justice, with Paraguay, to support creation of a restorative justice model.

In addition, Mexico participates in four thematic areas (Public Finance, Regional Development, Justice, and Citizen Security). The following advances are noteworthy:

  • Support to the National Tax Service in the creation of Accounting and Tax Support Centres. 
  • Support to SEDATU in the creation and implementation of national regional development strategies. 
  • Support to the Intersecretarial Commission for Social Prevention of Violence and Crime in the creation of an Action Protocol. 

At the regional level, it should be noted that Mexico is part of the Latin American Regional Development Network and that the ESC of Jalisco, with the support of EUROsociAL, is part of the Economic and Social Councils Network for Latin America and the Caribbean (CESALC) and the Ibero-American Tax Policy Network

  Relevant experiences: