El Salvador

El Salvador officially participates in seven thematic areas (social policies, health, social dialogue, institutions, finance, justice and security). Its participation in the area of public finance, which includes the dual role of the Ministry of Finance (beneficiary and operational partner) is also notable. Some of the initiatives supported by the programme in El Salvador: 

  • Implementation of a Diploma in Tax Education and Transparency for vocational high school teachers through a partnership between the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Under-Secretariat.
  • Creation of a mobile tax office. 
  • Direct support to the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Under-Secretariat for its strengthening and institutional consolidation to promote implementation of the Law on Access to Public Information (LAIP in its Spanish acronym).
  • Support for restructuring of the Economic and Social Council.
  • Support to the Directorate-General for Incarceration Facilities in the creation of a new productive and commercial model in prisons.