Violence prevention

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To address the problem of violence, in recent years the need has become increasingly clear for a comprehensive approach that considers not only strictly law-enforcement and judicial aspects but also other key dimensions, such as social and economic ones, that encompass elements ranging from prevention to control of violence.

In terms of prevention, there are numerous stakeholders, as there is intervention by representatives of the law enforcement, justice, education, employment, social services, etc. Moreover, although violence prevention policies are defined essentially at the national level, implementation is at the local level, where it is more specific and adapted to local realities.

The objective of this line of action is to strengthen violence prevention within the framework of public security policies, with special emphasis on youth violence. This objective is approached through two fundamental lines of work:

  • Improvement of the coordination processes for relevant and competent stakeholders in this area (multi-sectoral and involving different levels of government) for approaching public security problems with a comprehensive vision. 
  • Prevention and treatment in the case of adolescents in conflict with the law. 

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